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Anglican Bishop: PM served country well

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Anglican Bishop: PM served country well

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Statement on the death of Prime Minister David Thompson from Bishop Dr John Holder
At this time we are all saddened by the news of the passing of our beloved Prime Minister David Thompson. This is the first bit of news many Barbadians have received on Saturday morning and it has surely led us all to pause and say a pray for Prime Minister Thompson and his family.
Those who got to know him well could not but admire his calm and collected approach to life. His approach to matters was always marked by a humane touch that reminded us of his care for the people of this country and indeed for all humanity.
I had the privilege of traveling with him to Jamaica earlier in the year in an effort to reach the people of Haiti after the devastation of the earthquake. He was deeply concerned for the welfare of the people of Haiti.
His commitment to the very best for all Barbadians helped us to understand that for him, politics was not simply about power and prestige but about service. He served this country well.
We will all miss his ready smile and his sharp wit that were the marks of his engagement in many of his debates.  He brought a flair to the political life of Barbados that we will surely miss.
On behalf of the diocese of Barbados, and all other members of the Christian council, indeed, on behalf of all Barbadians I extend sincere condolences to his  wife Mara and their children, to his parents and other relatives, I extend sincere condolences.
We uphold them in our prayers at this time.
All Barbadians thank Almighty God that he gave David Thompson to us for a short time.  We thank God for all that he was able to receive.
May he rest in peace and rise in Glory.

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