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Arthur: Tragic, staggering loss

Chris Gollop

Arthur: Tragic, staggering loss

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David Thompson’s death is a “tragic and staggering loss” for Barbados.
New Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur, spoke glowingly about the deceased Prime Minister in a Press conference held seven hours after Thompson passed away at his private residence in St Philip early today.
He said: “Prime Minister Thompson was one of the most remarkable Barbadians of his generation,” Arthur told reporters at the headquarters of the Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament Buildings.
“His death, at the height of his intellectual and oratorial skills and powers, unfortunately means that we will never truly get to know the full extent of his possible contribution to the development and transformation of the Barbadian economy,” Arthur said.
“He was one of the most remarkable Barbadians of his generation,” Arthur said, adding that he pursued his work with “what can only be described as a distinctive vibrancy, passion and panache which truly set him apart”.
“As a result, his memory will never whither and can never grow old, but will live on in the minds and hearts of Barbadians forever,” Arthur added.
“While we served on opposite sides I never for a moment entertained any doubts of the sincerity and the completeness of his commitment to the advancement of the interests of the people of Barbados,” Arthur said.
And in expressing sympathy to the family of the deceased, he wished Thompson “peace and rest”.
“I trust that the trumpets will sound for him on the other side,” Arthur added.
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