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Bright, bubbly Brath

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

Bright, bubbly Brath

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With a ready smile and a quick, sharp intellect, 24-year-old Tiffany-Shaine Brathwaite makes spending  time with her like spending an afternoon with a sunbeam. Cheery and bright, although not ostentatious with her wit, she is somewhat amused by politics and comedians.
Always one to help, Tiffany-Shaine says she knew from an early age that her path lay in helping children. “I used to work at a day care [centre] but then I decided that I wanted to do more, so I got my degree and moved on to assisting in the care of disadvantaged children.”
But that is not enough for this young lady. Tiffany-Shaine has loftier goals. “I have seen some things that need to be addressed and I can’t do it from my current position, so I have applied to UWI to get my degree in sociology and linguistics so I will be in a better position to help the children who need me,” she asserts. “There was a time when I wanted to open a day care [facility] but my current job has shown me that I can be more effective if I study, get my education and become a social worker. So many young people need assistance and I want to be someone who can offer them that.”