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Peaceful passing

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Peaceful passing

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“THE Prime Minister fought valiantly to the end, but I must say he died peacefully.”
Senator Reverend Dr David Durant, who was at the bedside of Prime Minister David Thompson at his Mapps, St Philip home in the early hours of yesterday morning described the final moments for the media.
“He knew he was going at that point in time,” Durant said. “The family understood it and we prayed with him and we released him to God.
“In life, we have to accept the sovereignty of God . . . for many Barbadians our wish would be for the Prime Minister to be alive, but God saw otherwise.”
“I am glad that he had a relationship with God. He was able to do that in the last several months of being close. So I thank God for him having that assurance and I thank God for him having had that experience.
“My heart goes out to his wife and the three girls, because as a young man just 48 years old, brilliant, strong political career ahead of him, the many plans he had for Barbados to put in place that he did not get to accomplish, and that is the sad part about it.”
Asked about the Prime Minister’s last words, Durant said he did have some last words for his family, adding: “I think most of his messages to Barbadians would have come out already.”
The senator cited Thompson’s “cry for unity” among Barbadians as the most enduring last message.
He said the dying Thompson was visibily tired and had no parting words for him specially, and quietly closed his eyes and passed away. (GC)