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Accountants’ award for Boyce

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Accountants’ award for Boyce

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CERTIFIED MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANTS (CMA) of Canada has awarded Senator Darcy Boyce its highest distinction – Fellow of the Society of Management Accountants of Canada.
Boyce is one of 49 senior CMA members to be awarded. The other 48 are based in Canada.
Boyce, who has been an active member of the society since 1984, was presented with his award on Tuesday during CMA’s annual society dinner at Champers Restaurant, Rockley, Christ Church.
This prestigious, honorary designation recognises CMAs who by their achievements bring distinction to the profession and serve as role models for others.
Boyce, who is Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, described the CMA programme as a “tremendous” one.
“I’m very happy to see all the new people who have come into the programme,” he said.
“I’ve enjoyed all the things I’ve done in my career to date. I think that when you start off just doing the things that you like to do and doing the things that duty calls you to do on occasion, all things work out,” Boyce noted. (NB)