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DEAR CHRISTINE – In need of help for challenged son

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DEAR CHRISTINE – In need of help for challenged son

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Dear Christine,
I am seeking your help. My son has Down’s Syndrome and goes to the Children’s Development Centre. I try my very best to make him very happy with only myself to do everything.
When my son was born he was the very best, but when he got older his face started to change. Now his father has walked out on us and we have no help. But the Lord looks over us; amen for that.
Christine, all I am asking is for my son to have a good Christmas this year with some goodies – food, drinks, a cake – and for me to have some things to wear to church, please.
I get $110 from the Welfare Department every two weeks. I wash bottles to [make ends meet] but I would be happy if you could get me a job; you would be blessed by the good Lord.
You can come and look for me anytime. I would be very happy to see you. I do need your help badly.
– Louisa
Dear Louisa,
It must be very tough for you to make ends meet on those meagre earnings, given the high cost of living.
It can’t be easy dealing with a physically challenged child and the complexities that brings, and still be wondering where the next dollar to feed that child and yourself will
come from.
That you have managed to cope so far says much about your abiding faith in the Almighty to help strengthen your resolve to see you through this difficult period.
I sincerely hope someone contacts me soon with a position that may be right for you.
I must comment, though, on the role of your son’s father. He needs to understand, or be made to realise, that he can still share great times with his son although he is differently able. He must also be made to financially support him.
Men need to realise that they have a responsibility to their children. Even if they and the mother cannot get along, they have still got to play their part.
– Christine