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Solemn atmostsphere in Parliament today

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Solemn atmostsphere in Parliament today

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THE SESSION was brief. And a minute’s silence taken in the Lower House, and led by the Speaker Michael Carrington,  as a mark of respect for the late Prime Minister David Thompson reinforced the sad atmosphere that pervaded that august chamber and its environs today. Those present, on both sides, stood with dignity and solemnity.
Minutes earlier the Speaker had put the sitting in context  by saying that due to the death of Thompson, government business was suspended.
Leader of Government Business John Boyce begged  to adjourn the sitting, a motion that was seconded by Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur.
As the  session broke and members of Parliament headed to the dining room, some still found time to interact briefly with the media under a blazing mid-morning sun.
Adriel Brathwaite,  newly appointed Attorney General, when asked about his plans to deal with the escalating crime situation and on his general approach to his portfolio said: “First, I have to sit down with the permanent secretary and technocrats in the ministry and the commissioner of police  and have a chat. After I have this chat  I think I will be in a better position to make decisions in terms of the way forward.”
Opposition member of Parliament Mia Mottley when asked  how she felt now that she was no longer leader after being voted out by her parliamentary collegaues said: “I was elected as a member of Parliament to serve and I came to public  life to serve in whatever manner I  can. So it feels no different. There are a number of challenges from wherever you stand “ (JS)

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