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My kids have done me proud

rhondathompson, [email protected]

My kids have done me proud

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Dear Christine,
Thank you and may God bless you over and over. I am a blessed and proud mother today.
I am writing this letter to thank my three children – two boys Matt and Criss and my lovely daughter Crystal – for being the most positive part of my life. You have achieved all I wanted. You are positive, bold, loving and strive for excellence.
Matt is graduating with honours, Criss is doing well at the University of the West Indies, and Crystal is now the third place winner in a world-wide letter competition.
Hooray to you my gems!
Keep shining and succeeding. Keep your faith in God.
We are all proud of you.
Of course, Barbados has many gems and shining stars; I am blessed with three.
There are many other gems in our schools and homes, even on the blocks. I pass intelligent and positive young people who just need to get up and shine their light.
Thanks to all who have sent their congratulations. The Garrison Secondary School is indeed proud to have Crystal as their star and I implore her to shine in all she does.
On behalf of all the parents who have gems in their home, I thank all our children who put in the hard work to study and do their best.
These children are proof that Barbados is more than sea, sun and sand, good food and places of interest. We have so much to be proud of as a nation.
Our children are our future so let’s commend up daily, and though some are negative let’s try to show them that they too can be stars and shine.   
– Living In The Glow Of The Stars
Dear Living In The Glow Of The Stars,
Thank you for your positive message. At the same time, congratulations on the success of your children. Your pride in their achievements is evident from your letter.
As you said, “our children are our future” and it would be great if more parents recognised this and sought to instil them with values such as respect for others.
Too many parents and guardians renege on their responsibility here, expecting them to be taken up by teachers at school and the communion of the church.
The reality is that moral guidance begins in the home with direction from parents. They must set the right example for their children to follow.
That so many children here seem to lack basic good manners and respect for others is testimony to the lack of guidance from home.
For this reason, you can indeed be proud of your children. Their success reflects the work you have done with them. Again, congratulations.
– Christine