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MAVIS BECKLES – A time to reflect

marciadottin, [email protected]

MAVIS BECKLES – A time to reflect

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Today, the word pon everybody’s lips is the death of our Prime Minister David Thompson.
Who ain’t saying dat he gone too soon, saying dat he was too young tuh go ’long yet, or it was too sudden or even dat he ain’t get the opportunity tuh do half the things dat he had planned, or dat it is barely halfway in the five-year term and looka wha’ could happen.
But a lot o’ we fuhget dat we ain’t got the last say when it comes tuh our lives, neither do we have any kind o’ control ovah how long we gine be ’bout here when we get here.
We fuhget, even though we come along and hear people saying dat there’s a time fuh everything under the sun, dat it means everything – and everything includes death.
In the third chapter of Ecclesiastes it says that there’s a time fuh everything and a season fuh every activity under heaven. A time tuh be born and a time tuh die; a time tuh plant and a time tuh uproot; a time tuh kill and a time tuh heal; a time tuh tear down and a time tuh build; a time tuh weep and a time tuh laugh; a time tuh mourn and a time tuh dance; a time tuh scatter stones and a time tuh gather them; a time tuh embrace and a time tuh refrain; a time tuh search and a time tuh give up; a time tuh keep and a time tuh throw away; a time tuh tear and a time tuh mend; a time tuh be silent and a time tuh speak; a time tuh love and a time tuh hate; a time fuh war and a time fuh peace.
I write out all o’ this today from the Bible fuh some o’ wunna people who doan know ’bout it and if wunna know, doan take the time tuh even read it fuh wunnaselves.
Some o’ wunna doan even acknowledge dat there’s something called a Bible and if wunna got one, wunna doan look at um far less open the front cover. But after all o’ dat, I want wunna tuh know dat there’s also a time tuh reflect, not pon David Thompson life, but pon wunna own.
Right now and since Mr Thompson’s death, a lot o’ people now walking bout looking a li’l lost, duh still trying tuh come tuh grips wid it. A lot o’ people trying tuh work out how duh gine make it, and how things gine run ’bout here now.
A lot o’ people still holding on real hard pon the pas’, even beyond David Thompson tuh Errol Barrow – duh cahn seem tuh leh go. There’s a kinda sense of bewilderment pon some people who doan want tuh allow demselves tuh see pas’ now because the future look too uncertain, too frightening; duh got something like a cloud hanging ovuh dem now; duh kinda hopeless.
But ya know, as I listen tuh all the tributes, the different conversations, the concepts and misconcepts, the reasonings, perceptions and projections, even the hopelessness o’ some people, all o’ this is telling me dat we need tuh stop and do some kinda reflecting.
Tuh a lot o’ people it looks frightening, it looks like we losing control, it looks like the things dat happening all over this place and suh sudden, got we offset and a lil confuse. This is why I write out the whole thing bout there being a time for everything.
From the time I come along in this country, I always see Barbados as a peaceful, comfortable, beautiful, laid-back, no problem li’l paradise; but today things are happening and changing suh fast dat ya cahn live from one day tuh the next just easy so. Ya got tuh look at and take life nowadays much more seriously.
Fuh one, the many young people dat dying and gine ’long just so; the children who borning wid all kinds o’ defects and health problems; the old people who finding demselves pon the streets wid-out anybody tuh look after dem; the amount o’ young men who like duh decide dat after coming outta school dem should sit down ’longside the road when the days come just liming and doing nutten; the young men who getting shoot down in the prime o’ duh lives; young girls who continue tuh let demselves be fooled by big-able hard back men who got women wid children fuh dem all ovah the place.
So all like now instead o’ just seeing this as a time of only mourning fuh the Prime Minister, I think we should see this as a time of reflection on where we going as a nation. I think more than anything else we need to, like the signs we see pon all the poles say, “get back tuh God”.