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Storm takes toll on roofs

Maria Bradshaw

Storm takes toll on roofs

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JUST WHEN Iris Bryant was getting back on her feet,   Tropical Storm Tomas knocked her to the ground again.
Her home in South District, St George,  was extensively damaged when a large plum tree fell on top of it during yesterday’s storm force winds.
Several pieces of furniture were also damaged as well as a small shop which Bryant had just built next to her house so that she could sell food.
Unemployed for the past two months, Bryant said she was just about to start  her food catering business so she could support her family, which includes her three children.
“I built the shop myself and I was supposed to tile the floor today,” she said, as she gazed sadly at the pieces of broken wood. In addition, she recently added an extension onto her house, but that too suffered damage to the roof.
While kind neighbours and a company assisted in cutting away the tree, the house was so badly damaged that Bryant had to prop it up with pieces of wood.
Pointing to rain-soaked clothes and damaged items, she said her family would stay in the house until she could better assess the damage today.
She was visited by constituency representative for St George South, Dr Esther Byer-Suckoo, who offered the family shelter in the nearby South District Methodist Church.
Byer-Suckoo, who was out with personnel from her constituency office, told the SUNDAY SUN the constituency had suffered a lot of damage with several uprooted trees, fallen power lines and blown-off roofs.
Some of the affected areas she listed were Perogative, Workmans, Good Intent and South District.
Byer-Suckoo said she would pass on all the information to the Government and emergency agencies.
Also in South District, officials from the Barbados Light & Power had to rescue one of their vehicles which was at the garage of Wilton Thorne to be spray painted.
The garage collapsed on top of the truck and a crane had to be used to lift it off.