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800-foot crack threatens Zore homes

Kenmore Bynoe

800-foot crack threatens Zore homes

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Having a view to die for could prove to be too literal for over 20 persons living in ten houses along the bluff in Zore, Martin’s Bay.
Following the passage of Tomas, a fissure stretching almost 800 feet and running 20 feet parallel to the cliff offering a 60 foot drop to the Atlantic Ocean below has opened up creating gaping cracks in some of the houses and triggering fear in the disturbed residents.
No one was more terrified than the Kings who with the assistance of helpful neighbours had moved out everything that was not nailed down from their two story home which seemed destined to topple into the crashing waves below.
Daughter, Lisa King indicated that she was at home alone during the passage of Tomas as her mother was at work.  It was only during the morning that she realised the horror of the cracks with the house seemingly divided equally by the gaping splits which frightenly ran through the bathroom and the bottom level causing the upper story to sink. 
More details coming.