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ALL is lost!

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

ALL is lost!

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A visibly shaken Victor Holder yesterday surveyed the remains of his home and was obviously still in shock at the sight, after Tropical Storm Tomas ripped off his roof and damaged household items.
Holder, 39, who lives with his girlfriend and two children at Train Road, St Philip, fled the house after furious winds threatened to removehis roof last Saturday around 5 a.m.
Holder, a worker at the nearby Simmons Electrical, said: “I was looking at the roof, and I could hear the wind and I told myself this roof ain’t gine hold. It is either me or the house, so I grabbed my children and ran.”
Scratching his head as he surveyed the topless two-bedroom structure, he said he hadno idea what his next step would be.
“All the clothes, the beds, the electrical appliances, everything was damaged . . . . I just don’t know what I’m going to do now,” he sad, sifting through the rubble.
He said the family had “squeezed up”at his girlfriend’s sister house, but they could not stay there much longer. (CT)