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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Gone bu we cyhan fuhget you!

rhondathompson, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Gone bu we cyhan fuhget you!

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Dear Nesta,
I en know wuh sort o’ spirits dis letter gine fin’ you in, but mine en de bes’! I still tryin’ to come to grips dat de Prime Minister really gone. Life does han’ yuh some hard knocks when yuh leas’ expeck it, an’ I could tell yuh, dis one really hard. It is a great loss to Buhbayduss an’ de res’ o’ de Caribbean at dis time, an’ I feel it gine tek dis country a good while befo’ we could recover!
I en got to tell yuh how people from far an’ wide been expressin’ sadness an’ sendin’ duh condolences, an’ a good many actually comin’ to atten’ de funeral. Doh I see Rihanna cyhan disturb she schedule to come! Tomorruh is de big day, one we gine all remember fuh a long time!  It still seem like a dream, or perhaps I should say, a nightmare, to lots o’ we, ‘cause deaf is somet’ing yuh cyhan evah seem to accep’!
We had five days o’ viewin’ an’ signin’ o’ de condolence books, de firs’ day seein’ eight t’ousand Bajans filin’ pas’ de PM in de House o’ Assembly, some o’ dem in tears! You cyhan begin to know how people did love dat man! As a mark o’ respeck, de islan’ shuttin’ down from 9 a.m. tomorrow ‘til one o’clock in de aft’noon, an’ at de en’ o’ it all, ‘e final restin’ place will be de cemetery in St John, a parish dat ‘e love! A good man, gone too soon!  May he res’ in peace!
I now wonderin’ wuh gine happen to all de plans an’ hopes Mr Thompson had to tek we forward, ‘cause wif dese hard economic times now facin’ we, de new Prime Minister gine need to pull mo’ dan a rabbit outta de guvment hat, I could tell yuh!  I waitin’ to see wuh gine happen when Parliament dry de tears from duh eyes an’ get back to bizness as nusual! I really gine miss David durin’ de Budget debate, faif. ‘E never us-ed to get hot onder de collar like some ethuh people I could name, but de way ‘e would slice down ‘e opponent wif a sarcastic word an’ a li’l smile was always a joy to watch!   
David deaf seem to shake up de new Opposition Leader quite a bit.  I been readin’ Mr Arthur words ‘bout how stressful de job o’ Prime Minister could be an’ yet, as far as I could see, it  look as ef  ‘e don’ min’ tekkin’ it up agen! Look how easy ‘e slip back in de Opposition Leader chair an’ come back ‘pon de scene!   Mia mussee still wonderin’ wuh hit she!
‘E remarks how dem long overseas flights ‘e had to mek as Prime Minister was one o’ de big turn-offs ‘bout de job, an’ how very stressful evaht’ing was, got muh wonderin’ why ‘e would even want to get back in sech a tuff situation, but as y’know, I only went to Brumley!  I only hope Bajans ‘ppreciate de great sacrifice ‘e willin’ to mek fuh dis country. After all, ‘e is a whole fourteen years older an’ times an’ situations much mo’ ruff!  
De ship o’ state been listin’ fuh some time now, so de guvment team got to try an’ pull it outta de quicksan’s quick-sharp! I gine ha’ to tek de prayers I was sayin’ fuh David an’ transfer duh on to Freundel Stuart an’ hope fuh better results! Anyway, ef  t’ings get too ruff fuh ‘e in de House, ‘e got two good “defenders o’ de faif”, willin’, I hope, to come to ‘e rescue!  Philomena put down de binoculars an’ now checkin’ she crystal ball fuh any elections!  Dah ‘oman don’ stop!
Well Ness, don’ fuhget to light a candle an’ say a prayer fuh all Buhbayduss as we finally lay we beloved Prime Minister to res’ tomorruh mornin’!
Tek care o’ yuhself
Yuh frien’ Babsie