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A man for all seasons

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

A man for all seasons

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Brian Clarke, said it was an extraordinary honour  to be asked to eulogise his friend the late Prime Minister David Thompson whom he has known for 30 years.
 He described him as a man who displayed a capacity for leadership from an early age and had inherent qualities of self-confidence coupled with utter fearlessness patience and equality.
Clarke described his friend as a warm, compassionate and generous man and a loyal friend. He said he was not spiteful and had a first class memory. He also recalled how much Thompson loved music and cricket.
He said Thompson was hardworking, well organized,  a good planner, multi skilled. He also said he was a first class lawyer, but admitted he could not say he was passionate about that career.
 He spoke of his calm demeanor, recalling that Thompson’s  frequently  used comments were “don’t panic” and “don’t let anybody confuse you”.
He said he was judicious spender.
Clarke said Mara was Thompson’ soul mate.
 He said even in the midst of his grave illness, he never asked “Why Me” but only lamented that he wouldn’t have the time to spend with Osa-Marie as he did with his other daughters Misha and Oya..
Clarke described his friend as a Man for all Seasons, adding he was a wonderful family man, friend and Prime Minister.
He ended his eulogy, which evoked tears from members of the Thompson family, with the words of the late Bob Marley “ One Love, One Heart, Let’s Get Together…”.