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Late PM put people first

Sanka Price at Kensington Oval

Late PM put people first

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Hartley Henry’s eulogy brought applause and a few tears, while the audio visual tribute by late Prime Minister David Thompson’s children elicited much laughter among the audience here.
 “That is true, he was my Prime Minister,” said one St John Ambulance worker as Henry outline the virtues of his fallen friend and mentor whom he called the chief. Another woman commented that Henry’s eulogy outlined the truth about who David Thompson really was and she hoped people listened.
 Another said though he died before fulfilling his promises in the general election, as Henry had said he worked hard to put people  at the centre of what his Government was about and people will remember him for that. A few people could be seen dabbing their eyes in the Greenidge and Haynes stand as Henry spoke of how Thompson dealt with his illness in the face of no optimistic news.
The sombre yet stirring message from Henry contrasted perfectly with the personal accounts from Thompson’s children – and the mourners were equally swept up in the emotions.
Dario, Thompson’s adopted son, elicited much laughter as he recounted how he was ushered into a game after daddy and mummy showed up at a football game to see him play.
 Misha’s memories of how he would try to get her to laugh, while Oya’s anecdote when he knocked the desert bowl out of her mum’s hand after trying some ballet moves we’re both well received.
“Its a pity he won’t get to see his girls grow up,” said a one well-rounded female.
 It was a sentiment that would have been shared of a man well-loved. (SP)