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Bahamians warned over counterfeit goods

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Bahamians warned over counterfeit goods

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NASSAU, Bahamas – The Bahamas government Wednesday warned citizens against exporting counterfeit goods to the United States following the recent arrest of several local straw vendors in the United States.
In a statement, the government said that it is an offence in the United States to “intentionally traffic or attempt to traffic in goods or services and knowingly use a counterfeit mark on or in connection with such goods or service”.
It also warned that it is against the law to intentionally traffic or attempt to traffic in labels, patches, stickers, wrappers, badges, emblems, medallions, charms, boxes, containers, cans, cases, hangtags, documentation, or packaging off any type or nature, “knowing that a counterfeit mark has been applied” and that “the use of which is likely to cause confusion, to cause mistake, or to deceive”.
Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it was monitoring the cases of four Bahamian nationals arrested and charged in New York on 18 September and that the sentencing phase would be between the period November 4 -9.
Late last month, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Patricia A, Hanna, another straw vendor, had been arrested and charged and “sentenced to time served and placed on a probationary period”.
It said that the woman was due to return to the island later in October.
The government statement warned citizens that the term “traffic” had a wide range of meanings including to  “transport, transfer, or otherwise dispose of, to another, for purposes of commercial advantage”.
It said that the penalty for such an offence is a fine not exceeding two million US dollars  or a term of imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or both a fine and imprisonment. “In addition to the penalties …the United States Government may seek to have the counterfeit property forfeited and destroyed and restitution of all sales of such property,” the statement said.