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School damage

Carol Ann Tudor

School damage

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A number of primary and secondary schools remained closed today due to water damage, exposed roofs, and no electricity after the passing of Tomas.
As the majority of schools reopened their doors, The Lester Vaughn School in St Thomas, Workmans Primary in St George, Hillaby Turners Hall in St Thomas most sections of the St Lucy Secondary School, Alma Parris School and the Wesley Hall Junior remained closed.
Principal of Workman’s Primary Anthea Newton-Gasby pointed out two classrooms where the roof had blown off and the ceiling had subsequently caved-in from the heavy showers. Although they had done some cleaning before, one class still had a significant amount of water and sludge from the roof on the floor.
Over at the Lester Vaughn Secondary School, workmen were busy replacing ridge caps that had blown off from some sections in the roof. There was also some water damage at the school.
In the north, only fifth form students at the St Lucy Secondary School were being allowed on the compound.
Principal Stephen Jackman noted the administrative block, two classrooms and the principal’s office had received damage early Saturday morning when Tomas passed.
Head of the Alma Parris School Cobin Hinds revealed that a large ficus tree had damaged the roof, and left the school without water since Sunday.
Acting Senior Education Officer for secondary schools Fernando Carter, who was assessing the school at the time, said the damage at the schools had to be addressed urgently. He said this work would hopefully be completed over the weekend.
“We don’t want to put the children in any danger and the staff has to have facilities conducive to their work, so we’re hoping to get work at the various schools completed by weekend”, he stated.
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