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US voters sought change

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US voters sought change

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PHILADELPHIA – From Pennsylvania to Arkansas, New Hampshire to Ohio, the electorate turned over incumbents Tuesday like a gardener turns over earth. Republicans reaped an impressive harvest nationwide, but in some places their sweep reversed balances of power where Democratic roots run deep.
The GOP’s reward: Governing a fickle, angry electorate in a time of busted state budgets and high anxiety about jobs and joblessness. And for voters in states that flipped from Democratic to Republican control, what they sought – change – is definitely in store.
In Ohio and Wisconsin, high-speed rail projects may be scuttled. In Pennsylvania, privatisation of the state liquor stores is back on the table. In the Democratic stronghold of Minnesota, long-dormant GOP proposals to establish racetrack gambling, require a photo ID for voting and amend the state Constitution to ban gay marriage may find new life. And everywhere, Republicans promised to focus on the economy.
Eating breakfast at a diner near Allentown, Pa., voter Eric Heiselman sounded almost giddy as he described the backlash against Democrats and President Barack Obama.
“I liked Mr. Obama’s prediction of change. We didn’t get the change we want, so we’re changing again,” Heiselman said yesterday morning. “Which is a good thing. It’s what America is all about.”
The GOP seized control of about a dozen statehouses Tuesday night, including double upsets in four states in which they wrested both Senate and House legislative chambers from the Democrats.
Republicans nationwide promised to wield their newfound power to restrain the size and scope of government and jolt the economy – and said they understand that voters will hold them responsible if they fail to deliver.
“They’ve given us a second chance, so we better get it right this time,” veteran Republican Rep. Joseph Pitts of Pennsylvania said yesterday. (AP)