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Baby found in tree doing well

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PAGAI SELATON, Indonesia – The baby boy found alive in a tree two days after the devastating tsunami that killed hundreds of people last Monday is doing well.
The 18-month-old was discovered screaming in branches by a boy aged ten. Tragically, both of the baby’s parents are dead.
He was treated by medics and seems to be making a full recovery.
The baby was found on the island of Pagai Selaton 48 hours after the ten-foot tsunami struck a string of remote Indonesian islands. He was fortunate. His parents are believed to be among the more than 400 dead with several hundred still missing and feared swept out to sea.
Apart from this boy, a newly orphaned two-month-old baby was found in a storm drain. The baby’s lungs were filled with fluid and his face was slashed with cuts.
Hundreds of corpses have been wrapped in bags or buried as rescue workers continue a huge clean-up operation.
As many as 40 000 people have been left homeless. (SP/The SUN)