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Creepy crawlers

marciadottin, [email protected]

Creepy crawlers

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Increasingly these days, Barbadians are coming forward with pictures of strange looking creatures.
In recent weeks we have been inundated with calls about  caterpillars and received a few pictures as well.
We received these pictures from Stephanie Turner. She was so concerned about the number of them in her garden that she tried in earnest to find out about them.
She wrote: “I’ve tried to contact an entomologist but as yet have had no luck. Perhaps you have seen them before and could tell me what butterfly/moth they turn into?”
Sorry, Stephanie, we can’t give you any information either.
But we welcome any experts out there who can.
What we can definitely tell you Stephanie is that you have won this week’s Photo of the Week competition.
You, too, can be a winner by sending your offbeat pictures to Sanka Price, co THE NATION, Nation House, Fontabelle,
St Michael, or by emailing them to [email protected]