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HEALING HERBS – Weather storms with silent doctors

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Now he has won our brothers and our clan can no longer act as one. He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart.”
– Chinuna Achebe (1958).
During this period of Independence, Barbadians can reflect on the words of Achebe and ask ourselves whether we have fallen apart?  Or are we weathering the storms of life?
Additionally, most of the CARICOM family “fell apart” after the passage of storm Tomas.
 As we continue to mourn our losses, let us also realise that reverting to that community/ CARICOM-spiritedness can cause healing.
 Notably water, the most important “silent doctor”, raged, rose and ravaged, and after the storm its absence from taps continue to cause tremendous anger.
Therefore, we must honour water as a precious gift given to us by the Creator.  Further, reflect on the reasons why Mother Nature uprooted so many “silent doctors” including breadfruit and bananas.
Today, pause with me and read my story of “falling apart”, weathering the storms and the importance of “silent doctors”.
It is normal for us to encounter stumbling blocks or storms in life.
But remember like Tomas, storms come and go.  I have encountered many, including: examination and driver’s licence failure; being rejected by organisations, boards and individuals; malicious criticism; vehicular accidents where I was wrongfully accused; financial problems; disappointments; health challenges; some friends being oblivious to my needs and being discriminated against because I chose to wear my hair “authentic”.  
Healing the above challenges miraculously brought me to a place called peace and gratitude. Those who thought they knew “who I am” now marvel at my victory.  I am humble  and confident.  
My most painful experiences and those episodes of blatant
In fact, for me to develop and display such confidence, the rejection had to present itself, so I secretly welcome challenges.
Remember, “If we don’t change, change will change us”.
Whenever I “fall apart”, my true essence awakes innately,  as I always spend the first half of my recovery crying because of the devastation and betrayal I feel.
However, like Tomas, water/tears clear the way.
After sincere prayer and down-to-earth requests, the Creator refreshes my spirit; I employ “silent doctors” to assist with proper sleep and rejuvenation.
Exercising routine. I fix puzzles  and practise forgiveness while reaffirming my love for self.
Moreover, I give pecial attention to my “hair” which directs my focus to another source of strength, mainly biblical Samson.
Self-esteem is recharged by consuming holistic foods that discharge positive energy to my cells.
Gossiping and fear are expelled. I avoid negative people and spend more time in nature and with my family. Finally, though the storms sing, I know my destiny and no-one can take that from me.
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