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Sorry for way I treated ex

marciadottin, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,
I was shocked when I picked up Thursday’s Nation newspaper and read the article Can’t get over my ex-girlfriend.
I believe this is my ex-boyfriend as this situation is exactly like what I went through recently.
I was wrong for hurting him that way as he is a very nice fellow and he didn’t deserve what I did.
He has  done things for me that I don’t think anyone would ever do.
As for the nasty rumours he spread, I think you say things when you are hurt and I understand that I hurt him very badly.
I am writing this letter with tears in my eyes thinking about what I have done. I know we can never go back to being in a relationship but I would like us to be friends.
Christine, do you ever think this could happen? How do I go about reclaiming the friendship we lost?
And to other women out there who ever meet a nice guy, I advise you to love him, respect him and trust him because there are very few like him out there. – ?
Dear ?,
I think you made the first step to reconciliation by writing this letter. He knows now what you are feeling and thinking, and one can only hope that he responds accordingly.
It is sad when two people who genuinely care for each other make decisions that disrupt their relationship but cannot find it within themselves to admit to each other that they were wrong in someway, ask for forgiveness, and thereafter seek to rebuild the partnership.
   Your ex-boyfriend realizes his error, and you, yours. If you love each other as both of you wrote and told me, then try to have a face-to-face talk to iron out your differences.
   At that meeting you need to be frank and honest with each other. You cannot go down the road of attributing blame and being sarcastic. If you do the meeting would more than likely breakdown.
What has happened, has happened. The question you both need to answer is whether you think there is enough trust between you to want to rebuild your relationship. If the answer is no, forget it and go your separate ways.
– Christine