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To a woman of grace and excellence

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To a woman of grace and excellence

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Dear Christine,
My mother wrote this note and asked me to post it. She said she does not need any credit for doing it, as she just wants it out there because it speaks to the strength of a woman. The note is as follows:
To Mara Thompson, A woman of grace, a woman of excellence.
To you who so graciously stood the test of time; you who understood endurance and perseverance. How great thou art to have received love as you did. In humble simplicity, yet with an elegant grace, stood like a queen and gave back your husband as a king to the King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords.
Love groomed you for this moment and protected you for this moment. Love held you for this moment and it will secure you in the moment.
The greatest gift you have ever received has also taught how to love and let go to the universe.
Love left you gifts in your beautiful daughters. As gracious as they were born, shining like delicate yet steadfast angels. Their lights will help to guide and comfort you through the night.
Be strong in your moments, let your feelings be your guide. Hold steadfast to what you already know – that love is the answer, love is the comfort.
You are surrounded by love, you are grounded in love. You understand how precious love is and from that place of love you will continue to grow.
Proverbs 31: 10 speaks of women like you: “A wife of noble character who can find.”
Shine on dear sister, shine on.
– Lynette
Dear Lynette,
Thank you for this lovely letter. I am sure Mara Thompson would appreciate every word written here.
She did show tremendous courage in how she somberly and respectfully laid her husband, late Prime Minister David Thompson, to rest amid the national outpouring of grief. It took great strength of character to be steadfast throughout the state funeral and not crumble under the weight of so many people around you breaking down.
I too agree that Mara is a woman of strength and should be celebrated.
– Christine