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Messy property gets forced clean-up

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Messy property gets forced clean-up

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OFFICIALS from The Ministry of Health, the Sanitation Service Authority, the Police Force and the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) have taken action against a derelict property on School Road, Hindsbury Road, St Michael.
And Edward George could not  be happier.
He said it took them two years to take action and it appeared that an article in last week’s WEEKEND NATION triggered the response.
George said he wished to thank all  who turned up and worked hard in supervising and removing the truckloads of refuse and scrap which had been accumulated.
George said a man who lived in a shack next door, Grantley “Country” Walker, went around cleaning people’s properties but brought the garbage back home, piling it next to his ‘sGeorge property and creating a health hazard.
“There are rats, mosquitoes, [giant African] snails and even human faeces, as he does his business outside. This attracts flies which also come out by me. Not only that, but during [Tropical Storm] Tomas, two [galvanised] sheets blew over here and damaged a car on my property,” he said.
George said this was actually the second time action was being taken against Walker but Walker simply started collecting again and rebuilt his shack. This time, George said he hoped something permanent would be done.
While the shack was not removed at the time, word from the EPD indicated they would place a notice on it and would have it removed within two weeks. (CA)