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Supervisor with a humane touch

marciadottin, [email protected]

Supervisor with a humane touch

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GUYANESE-BORN Hanifa Hubbard is a woman with a clear head on her shoulders. Already an independent woman, this 24-year-old is already a supervisor at a local business and has her sights set on a career in human resource management.
“I came here a few years ago on holiday and I was offered a job,” she said in a lilting tone.
“I immediately knew that this was a great opportunity for me to better myself, so I took the job.”
A hard worker with a touch of obsessive compulsive neatness, Hanifa was a perfect candidate for the position of supervisor. “I love my job,” she enthused. “I am a people’s person and when I save enough money I’ll be off to university to get my degree in human resources so I can put my natural talent to the best use.”  
In her spare time Hanifa enjoys the gym and admits to a little addiction.
“I go every day; I love it,” she said.
“I like the way I feel. I like to be strong inside and out,” said Hanifa with a broad smile.
* Photography and make-up by Risée Chaderton (