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Weathering the storm

Carol Martindale

Weathering the storm

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Shernel and Floyd Williams were determined to get married on October 30, 2010.
It was the day Barbados was hit by Tropical Storm Tomas, the centre of which passed over Barbados at 2 that morning.
Despite the damage and destruction by Tomas, this couple said “I do” in a ceremony at Accra Beach Hotel, sealing their two-year love.  They exchanged their own vows before 24 guests, instead of 108.
But, this didn’t dampen the couple’s spirits. Shernel said: “My pastor Elder Leroy Daisley was coming, my daughter Abigail was coming and was giving me away, Floyd was there, my best friend was coming, and the photographer was coming. So I was good, nothing else mattered”.
 And even though everything didn’t go according to plan, the couple still happily tied the knot on 30:10:10 a date that was “perfectly chosen”.
 “We are determined to stay together and not even this hurricane can break us up.
People were asking us if we didn’t think this was a sign to not get married but we said this was a storm that needed to be weathered” said Floyd as they both exchanged smiles.
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