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New WICB stroke

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New WICB stroke

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THE WEST INDIES Cricket Board (WICB) is about to play a new innings by fully incorporating the regional territorial boards in its set-up.
In outlining a new corporate culture which the WICB hopes to adopt, president Julian Hunte told staffers at a special meeting at its St John’s, Antigua headquarters last Friday that a comprehensive strategic plan for the regional cricket governing body will soon be devised.
But he cautioned that the report of a study being undertaken by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, will first be considered.
“The directors are very serious about the new paradigm that the WICB needs to take in order to move forward,” Hunte said.
“One question we are reviewing is how are we going to integrate territorial boards into the WICB structure in a more holistic way, so that we, as a complete WICB entity – board of directors, territorial boards, players, and staff – can all work together in moving West Indies cricket forward,” he noted.
“We have now established a clear demarcation between WICB management and the directors. The [directors] set WICB policy, and management is then given the responsibility to execute. The lines are no longer blurred as they have been in the past,” Hunte declared.
The former St Lucian politician also urged staff to strive for higher levels of efficiency, as the WICB endeavour to bring more stability to West Indies cricket.
“Without you, I don’t know how we can run the business of West Indies cricket, and we, at the [directors’] level, will ensure you are sufficiently satisfied so as to ensure that you do your jobs properly, but you will each have to deliver,” he said.
The WICB chief also pointed out that the hiring of additional members of staff was to ensure the board deliver a quality product.
“We are not where we would like to be as yet, but it is a work in progress, and we have seen very good signs in the recent past that we are moving in the right direction, and positive advancement is being made,” he said. (EZS)