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Still haven’t found Mr Right

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Still haven’t found Mr Right

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Dear Christine,
God’s blessings on you continually and thank you for the many readers who look forward to your answers to the many problems we write about.
May God always fill you with the knowledge and wisdom to be an open ear and an avenue for your avid readers. Thank you.
Well, I am still looking for my Mr Right.
I did see someone wanted to contact me. I am looking forward to meeting whoever writes. And please, I only want those to contact me if you are free to socialise, not married or trapped between relationships, or on any form of drugs.
I am only interested in unattached, honest and fun-loving people.
I am not too picky, but I want to meet men who can be fun.
I am willing to try your hobbies if they are different from mine. I love sea-bathing, picnicking, touring, cooking, dancing and also listening to most genres of music.
I love the outdoor things but I am also a home girl – that is, playing cards, watching movies or just sitting and talking with family and friends.
So guys if you are interested, just contact me. I am waiting to have some fun.  
– ZH
Dear ZH,
You sound like a self-assured woman, who knows precisely what she is looking for in a partner and I sincerely hope that we can play some part in helping you find that special someone.
You do not specify what age group you are looking for, neither do you say your age, but if you can drop us a note we would add that into your profile so that those interested would know.
Thank you for your kind words and I wish you well in your hunt for Mr Right.
– Christine