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Bristol deserves a shot

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Bristol deserves a shot

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How did Bristol Palin make it into the season 11 finals?
That’s the million dollar question fans of Dancing With the Stars is asking.
“She deserves it,” said the show’s executive producer Conrad Green. “And a significant portion of our viewing audience believes that, too,” he said. Palin, 20, has consistently received the lowest scores from the judges this season. Yet she has survived nine weeks of eliminations, beating out this season’s more accomplished contestants including the most recent casualty, Brandy.
Some are questioning her staying power, saying that the show’s voting system needs to be examined, but Green insists, “There’s nothing in the voting system that looks at all strange.” Speculation has arisen about whether members of the Tea Party, many of whom strongly support Bristol’s mom Sarah Palin, are involved in an organized effort to promote Bristol.