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Hike in passport, immigration fees

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Hike in passport, immigration fees

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Government is seeking to rake in an additional $4 million in revenue from the Immigration Department this financial year.
Finance Minister Chris Sinckler says the bulk of the revenue will be earned from an increasei n fees charged for services by the department. Among the noticeable hikes is an increase in the permanent resident application fee which moves from $600 to $1 200 in some cases. The grant of application for immigrant status fee moves from $800 to $1 200 and the application for work permit fee, moves from $200 to $300.
Sinckler, in his Budget presentation, announced the cost of passports will also go up from $125 to $150 for adults, $75 to $100 for minors and $175 to $225 for business people.