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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Road travel dese days en easy

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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How you chile? Better dan me, I sure!  All like now I should be in town,  but when I study how  Broad Street stop, an’ wuh I got to face when I step out dis door, I  cyhan lef’ yet!  
Nowadays, no matter de hour, yuh got nuff traffic to deal wif!  Befo’, at certain times o’ de day, yuh went out knowin’ de roads would be fairly clear, but now, regardless to de hour, day or night, yuh fightin’ traffic, ‘specially ’pon certain roads.  
I wonder hummuch wuk people doin’ nowadays, ’cause it don’ seem duh stop in de office too long!  As fuh weeken’s, when I see de cars flyin’ pas’ dis ole house whey I live, I keep wonderin’ whey evahbody gine in sech a hurry! People real bizzy, mos’ times doin’ neffin!  
I got to go in town but dah is one place I would like to avoid right now. Sence de storm brek up certain parts o’ de Wharf Road, de aut’orities c’n do neffin else but mek Broad Street into a two-way street, as dah was de onlies’ way to get in an’
outta de City.  
But Lord have ‘Is mercy, it en easy an’ drivers goin’ t’rough nuff  stress – an’ it showin’! I hear duh should get ease nex’ week an’ I hope dah prediction come t’rough, ’cause ef not, it gine be federation nex’ monf! Only las’ T’ursdy, people wukkin’ in a buildin’ ’pon de Wharf Road, feel some tremors from all de drillin’ dat gine on, an’ had to get out de buildin’, as duh din know wuh woulda happen nex’! So life really en easy down dah side!
I lookin fuh somebody to teach muh Portugese, ’cause it appear I gine need to know at leas’ a few words o’ de language! I hear the Brazil air service between Buhbayduss an’ Sao Paulo – establish in June dis year – like it turnin’ out to be a success!  It appear de fares en too high, so naturally, people gine mek good use o’ de opportunity an’ come out, so it becomin’ hard enuff to get a seat outta Brazil!  Is time fares in dis area drop an’ leh people get a chance  to visit mo’ Caribbean islan’s.  Right now, duh so high dat yuh prefer to put togedduh couple mo’ dollars an’ go furduh norf, faif!  
I read dat a new airline call Red Jet get launch hey in Buhbayduss las’ monf, wif de promise to keep fares low – as low as US$9.99 (befo’ tax)! I din t’ink yuh could get pas’ Pelican fuh dah sorta price, but who is to know?  The Comp’ny suppose to pump ten million US dollars in dis venture an’ provide up to 75 jobs. Duh buyin’ two Amurican Airlines aircraf’ an’ fixin’ duh up befo’ bringin’ duh to Buhbayduss.  
I onderstan’ dese planes was arrivin’ by mid-November but we nearin’ monf-en’ an’ I en see nutten flyin’ in yet! I hope dis en anethuh waitin’ game like de ferry service dat still floatin’ ‘bout somewhey in de Caribbean sea! I agree it would be good to get cheaper fares, but yuh know me, I gine believe it when I see it!  
So Royal weddin’ bells in de air fuh you English folk, eithuh Spring or Summer nex’ year! I read dem two been togedduh off an’ on fuh eight years, so I suppose it mussee time to settle down!  But wif de hard times de country gine t’rough, talk is, dat dis weddin’ won’ be as gran’ as in times pas’!
One t’ing you could be certain, wevver too li’l or tummuch money get spen’, somebody gine complain. De ring cause a lotta talk – some t’ought it romantic fuh she to wear it, while ethuhs say it was tas’eless – an’ yuh could bet de cos’ o’ de weddin’ en gine escape de critics. Yuh jes’
Cyhan win!
Tek care o’ yuhself,
Yuh frien’ Babsie