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Enjoying a good mix

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Enjoying  a good  mix

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Q: Are you where you’ve always wanted to be?
A: I am definitely where I wanted to be, having a beautiful family while managing our own business.
Q: What is your biggest professional challenge?
A: Maintaining the balance and drawing the line between family time and business and being able to forget about business and thoroughly enjoy my family.
Q: What is your biggest life challenge?
A: Continuing to be what God expects of me in all facets of life,  whether it may be that of a wife, mother or friend amidst the setbacks and unexpected or unforeseen circumstances of life.
Q: When you look to the future, what do you see?
A: I see myself maturing into a very successful business owner and continuing to enjoy a solid and successful family life.
Q: What is your favourite pastime?
A: I love exercising. This is perhaps the place where I download all the pressures of business; it’s very relaxing.
Q: What is your favourite meal?
A: My favourite meal is Curried Chicken and Rice.
Q: On Saturday nights where are you likely to be?
A: On Saturday nights I am most likely to be hanging out with family and friends and enjoying some great food and good conversation.
Q: What upsets you the most?
A: It upsets me when I am being misunderstood.
Q: What is your guiding philosophy?
A: In everything you do, be true to yourself and honest with others.
Q: If you had the chance to manage Barbados for a day, what would you do?
A: I would immediately pass legislation to give me five years on the job. During this period, I would drastically change the landscape of Barbados as it relates to building families, revamping the justice system and charting a new and fresh approach to economic development. Of course I would have a total overhaul of the current political system as well.