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PUDDING & SOUSE: Wifey’s life takes sad turn

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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LIFE?is no longer a bed of roses for a certain woman who was driving horns into her husband left, right and centre.
He got so fed up that he moved out of the house they shared and went back to live with his mother.
But his wife, who seems to have a problem sticking to one man, has been left out in the cold because Tomas blew off the roof of her house.
Bad luck seems to be following her because now she is holed up at a friend’s house but that friend is only willing to put her up for a short time. And she is telling everyone that she is stressed out because she not only lost her husband but her son who died not too long ago.
But her friends are not taking her seriously in respect of her mourning.
Holier than thou
The practiCe of a certain church when it comes to burying the dead has left people wondering if the church believes that deceased people who are not members are extra sinful.
Apparently church leaders are insisting that if the deceased is not a member of the church but wants to be buried on the church grounds, they must be given a second service at the church, even though they were already given a funeral service.
People are asking if the church is not aware that Barbados’ constitution provides for freedom of worship, even for the dead.
Pay lock
It was a very embarrassing situation for an individual when bailiffs turned up at his work place to collect outstanding monies owed.
Even his colleagues were very sympathetic towards him.
Apparently they have not been paid  any monies since last year October even though they have been going to work every day.
The sad thing is that these hard-working people actually work for government and cannot take any action because of national security issues.
But it seems that while they are being treated so badly the individuals that they have to secure get four square meals, a bed to sleep on, and have no bills to pay.
What a shame!
$40 000 in the red A certain businessman who operates a popular restaurant could be in for a big surprise if he does not settle a huge bill he owes.
Pudding and Souse has been reliably informed that he may soon find a big chain and padlock across the door of his Bridgetown establishment
if he does not hawk up over $40 000 in overdue rent.
It appears that he is constantly late on his rent, but this is now several months that not a cent has been paid to the landlord.
Word is that if this happens he may be brought down a small size and may have to resort to his usual meals on wheels.
Two Hitlers
Staff at a certain government department have had enough with the two managers in their department who are called No. 1 and No. 2.
No.1’s style is to talk down to staff in a threatening manner and dispatch memos with veiled threats, while No. 2 walks around hitting on all the young females and offering them money for sexual favours. Should they refuse, he threatens them about losing their jobs and if they comply he hounds them down for his money afterwards, saying it was just a loan.
 He also walks through the office with his chest up in the air as if he owns the place and only speaks to certain people.
Workers feel as if they have no energy to fight these two men and they are afraid to complain because of the repercussions.