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Violence erupts in Haiti after election


Violence erupts in Haiti after election

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PORT-AU-PRINCE – Thousands of persons took to the streets here yesterday, burning down voting bureaus and supporting calls from 12 presidential elections that the presidential and legislative council polls be declared null and void.
The protestors took to the streets to rally against what they believed was widespread fraud including pre-stuffed ballots and their names missing from the voters’ list.
The 12 presidential candidates on Sunday called for the elections to be declared null and void following allegations of ballot tampering.
The disgruntled candidates met behind closed doors following allegations of fraud. 
Presidential front runner Mirlande Manigat joined her colleagues in asking the Provisional Electoral Council to scrap the poll due to widespread irregularities. 
The formal announcement came from Josette Bijoux during a press conference shortly after 2:00pm local time.
The candidates were met with rousing applause and shouts of “arreta Preval” or “arrest Preval.” Bijoux was flanked by 11 of her opponents.
The candidates have charged that the alleged ballot tampering was orchestrated to favour Jude Celistin of the ruling Inite party.

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