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Its now Sir Branford

BARRY ALLEYNE, [email protected]

Its now Sir Branford

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VETERAN?POLITICIAN Senator?Branford?Mayhew?Taitt is the lone recipient of Barbados’ top award, the Knight of St?Andrew (KA), in the 2010 Independence Day Honours List announced yesterday by Governor General?Sir Clifford Husbands.
Taitt, 72, will be styled “Sir Branford”, and heads a list of 20 awardees recognised on the 44th anniversary of Barbados’ Independence under the honours system instituted in July 1980.
“I am very humbled by the decision to honour me,” Sir Branford told the DAILY?NATION?last night, “and I appreciate the Prime Minister’s gesture.”
A member of the ruling?Democratic Labour Party (DLP) since the 1960s, Sir Branford first served in the Senate from October 1971, and was appointed Minister of Trade, and subsequently was elected to the House of Assembly five times.
He was appointed President of the Senate in 2008 following the DLP’s win in the January 15 general election.
There was no award in the category Companion of Honour of Barbados (ChB) which is the second highest national honour.
There were, however, eight awardees in the next category, Crown of Merit (gold and silver).
Former Commanding Officer of the Barbados Regiment, Colonel Leonard Cameron Banfield, LVO, was awarded the Gold Crown of Merit (GCM) for highly meritorious and distinguished military service; banker Gail Elma Delores Brathwaite, for highly meritorious service to the financial services sector and her unswerving commitment to philanthropic work with the Barbadian diaspora in the United States of America; businessman St Clair Leolan Harper, J.P., for highly meritorious service as a funeral director and his contribution to the local transport sector; and retired telephone executive Donald Hill, for highly meritorious service in the area of telecommunications development and his unswerving commitment to preserving the environment.
The Silver Crown of Merit (SCM) went to ace photographer William Eustace “Willie” Alleyne, BCH, for meritorious service to the development of still photography in?Barbados and the Caribbean; teacher Ralph Anthony?Jemmott, for meritorious service as an educator, in particular, his contribution as a historian; teacher Sylvester Earle Niles, J.P., for his meritorious contribution to education and the development of youth; and Yvonne Veronica Walkes, J.P., for meritorious work as a women’s advocate and a trade unionist.
The Barbados Service Star (BSS), for meritorious work in the civil, fire, military, police, prison or other protective services or any other similar field of endeavour, went to Edwin?Ebenezer “Ebie” Gilkes, for his significant contribution to the development of the local entertainment industry, particularly the promotion of jazz music; sportsman Keith Hyvestia Griffith, for his unswerving service to the development of sports, especially football and road tennis; Captain Andrew Ricardo?Headley, for his significant contribution to national security during the 2005 crisis at?Her Majesty’s Prisons Glendairy; Michael Anthony Young, for his significant contribution to the development of the water sports industry; and Jean?Mary Belling, for her immeasurable contribution as a secretary in the public service for three decades.
The Barbados Service Medal (BSM) was awarded to: Dilease Vitella Chandler, for her contribution to the development of the students at the Roebuck/Louis Lynch Secondary?school; Maizie Harewood, for her dedication and commitment to nursing as a public health sister; Alvin?Livingston McDonald Sobers, for his service to persons with disabilities; Marcella Cynthia Worrell, for her long-standing service to the National Conservation Commission, in particular her assignment at Ilaro Court; and Herbert Lawrence Walker, for his selfless contribution to the development of the members of the Royal Barbados Police Force’s Band for more than 25 years.
The sole winner of the Barbados Bravery Medal (BBM) was Fire Officer 246 Pernal Leeverne McClean, for his courageous act of saving the life of Charlotte Parris, whose vehicle careened into the Belle Gully during a flash flood on?October 1, 2010.