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THURSDAY’S CHILD – Shaniqua is fashion forward

Cheryl Harewood

THURSDAY’S CHILD – Shaniqua is fashion forward

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MOST young children cherish dreams and have ideas of what they want to achieve or become in life.
In the case of Shaniqua Babb, she longs to become a top fashion designer with her own line of clothing. More importantly, this 12-year-old second form student of Ellerslie Secondary School has started on the road to realising her dream.
Already, she possesses a small “catalogue” of the designs she longs to make, and she pays much attention to fashion, including hairstyles and make-up. Although art is not her favourite subject, her designs are all intricately created by her own hands.
“I always had a love for designing clothes and I love dressing up,” she disclosed.
“I wear skinny jeans at times, but I love to wear all types of dresses, whether they are casual or formal,” the Trents Drive, St Lucy resident added.
Shaniqua’s first design was a formal dress, but whenever time allows she takes hold of her paper and pencil and sketches what readily comes to mind.
“I’d like to study fashion design and work from there.
I want to make it my career, but I have not yet checked to see where I will study. If fashion design is being offered at the Barbados Community College, that’s where I want to go.”
You can say that Shaniqua has a keen eye for fashion, and she wastes little time in telling her mum Janette, or her friends, what she thinks about their choice of clothing.
“My friends live miles away from me, but when I see them I comment on how they dress. The same thing goes for my mum,” explained Shaniqua,who loves to experiment with make-up and hair styling.
She wants to create all types of clothing and a variety of styles.
“I want to cater to all body types and for a wide selection of people,” she admitted, “ so my styles would be bold at times, as well as conservative.”
While she would love to work hand in hand with a fashion designer, Shaniqua says she is not familiar with any at this point.
“To accomplish my dream I want to become certified. Working with a fashion designer would be great, but I do not know any fashion designer with whom I can work right now,” she sadly said.
Interestingly enough, while she admits her love for fashion design and enjoys following all types of fashion, Shaniqua does not hold any one person in high esteem for their sense of style.
“I love some of the dresses worn by movie stars, but I don’t follow their styles, even though some look really good,” the assertive young lass noted.
The younger of her parents’ two children, Shaniqua has added a love for dancing to her sense of fashion.
She is currently practising dance at school in her bid to join the Barbados Landship.
“I enjoy dancing. One day two girls came to our class and asked if we were interested in stilt walking. I was hoping they would ask about the Landship and they did,” said Shaniqua, whose favourite subject is French.
It’s been just a few weeks since she started making those dancing moves she loves to see members of the Barbados Landship make.
With her interest in dancing and her love for fashion design, one can only conclude that Shaniqua is definitely set to go places.