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It’s St Lucy

Mike King

It’s St Lucy

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 The glory from this year’s 15th Spirit of the Nation gala now belongs to St Lucy, after an inquiry was launched into the allocation of points for last month’s event.
St Lucy’s elevation means that northern neighbour St Peter has been stripped of what would have been a hat-trick of titles and ends the short-lived reign of their ambassadors Debra-Lee Grant and Ricardo Marshall.
The announcement was made yesterday at a meeting chaired by Cabinet Minister Stephen Lashley, who holds responsibility for the Community Independence Celebrations, that was attended by all of the chairpersons of the various parishes, two tabulators, and national coordinator for the celebrations, Curtis Gibbons.
Chairperson of St Lucy, Peter Phillips, told the SATURDAY?SUN? the verdict would bring a sense of relief to the parish. St Lucy entered the November 20 finals at the Gymnasium of the Sir Garfield Sobers Complex, ahead on points, won Best Costume, and stunningly were left out of the top three.
 An informed source said a computer glitch might have been responsible for the tabulation and strange final placing which resulted in a protest from the St Lucy Parish Committee. Originally, St. George were second and St Philip, third.
“We feel vindicated. There is a sense of relief. We knew what we had done and deserved to get. The hard work has paid off – belatedly, but nontheless it has paid off,” Phillips said last night.
The Most Outstanding Ambassadors are now Sadie Murphy of Rock Hall and Tony Pompey of Checker Hall.
When contacted last night, Grant said she was still in the dark on the new developments, while Gibbons declined to shed any light, insisting that the matter be referred to Permanent Secretary Shirley Farnum.
 Last year, there was also an issue with St Lucy’s placement. After leading in the costume category, they were forced to settle for fourth place after a piece of the costume dropped off resulting in a 15-point deduction.
The parish ambassadors are due to meet this morning with Minister Lashley and other officials at the Warrens Office Complex, St Michael, ahead of a Press briefing slated for 10:30 at the same venue.