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Half of a body pulled from sea

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Half of a body pulled from sea

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THE LOWER HALF of a human being was pulled from the choppy waters at Consett Bay, St John, yesterday.
Raymond McChlery, who lives in the area, said he spotted “something” floating near the reef.
“This morning around 6 a.m I got up and saw something resembling a body floating near the reef about 200 yards out to sea.
“I got a drop out there in a boat where I identified it as a body so I came in and called the police, then got Jimmy to go out and help me bring it in,” he said.
Fisherman Jimmy White described the experience as “very difficult” emotionally.
“It was not a nice thing to have to do. While it was not hard physically, it was hard to prepare yourself emotionally for something like that. It was not a nice experience,” he said.
White said he received the call and as he had a boat in Consett Bay, went out to retrieve the body and tow it in.
Police on the scene said a man had been reported missing at sea since Thursday after going into the water in an area called The Puff and apparently getting into difficulty.
However, the body could not be positively identified yesterday.
On Thursday, police reported the discovery of a number of packages of illegal drugs in the area. At that time, no vessels had been found.

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