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HEALING HERBS – Healing though giving

Annette Maynard-Watson

HEALING HERBS – Healing though giving

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This season, as flamboyant “silent doctors” like Christmas bush and poinsettia bloom, I will consider the Three Wise Men.  
In fact, I continue to be inspired deeply by my Creator to locate and follow the treasures of my twinkling eastern star. During December, love, merriment, the Nativity, first fruits, winter and hibernation encourage me to express as a mother my truth about birth, following stars and “silent doctors”.
I encourage you to reflect on your purpose for being on earth and to determine if you recognise, respect and project that purpose. This month also symbolizes healing through giving.
Have you discovered the gift the Creator bestowed upon you at birth?
In answering this question, my consciousness sparkled and revealed the truth about my authenticity and divinity. This month, “silent doctors” relating to pregnancy, birth and babies will be explored as I engage your interest about unconditional love.
Naturally, the unconditional love of our African ancestors is expressed through the birth of a Jamaican scientist, Dr Henry Lowe. He researched “silent doctor” ball moss or Tillandsia recurvata which grows in Jamaica conspicuously on electric power lines and trees. It is a greyish-green clump of bush and resembles a pin cushion.
Like love vine, it is considered by some as a nuisance.  
Additionally, conscious energy ensured that Dr Lowe paid attention and, through his perseverance, he developed a cure for prostate cancer. Congratulations!
It is also being considered for persons suffering with HIV. I must reinforce that plants are our first medicines and Mother Nature our first pharmacy.
In fact “silent doctors” heal even at a cellular level.
Gathering momentum and following his star Dr Lowe has conquered. He worked in the civil service and at some time was a permanent secretary.
Author Eulalee Thompson, in referring to Dr Lowe in the Jamaica Gleaner two years ago, quoted Lowe as saying “when I was a child, from tramcar days, my father used to take us for rides from downtown to Constant Spring . . . . I was just fascinated to know how they (ball moss) survived but couldn’t get closer to them”. Eventually, he gathered ball moss for research purposes.
However, Thompson further related that at that time research was very expensive and Lowe could not continue research on “silent doctor” ball moss, so he stored the material in a flask and carried it around with him to his various jobs. He did this for 12 years.
In conclusion, Dr Lowe followed his dream and gave birth to a cure, and unconditional love ensured that he shared it with us.
Life begins with a sparkle and blooms through love. Remember, the Creator is using an ordinary “silent doctor” to do an extraordinary job.