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Grim find


Grim find

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A ST JOHN MOTHER believes the lower half of a human body pulled from the choppy seas off Consett Bay in the same parish last Sunday is that of her son, 27-year-old Kevin Gittens.
But she is faced with conflicting stories about how the second of her three children met his untimely death to the extent that his body had been severed by some unknown force.
One story indicated Kevin, who would have celebrated his 28th birthday next month, fell from a cliff while fishing, while another account was that he might have been involved in some suspicious activity at sea.
Although Marcelle Gittens is relying on her husband (Kevin’s father) and other family members  who saw the remains, she would only be sure when DNA results were known.
She said shortly before the discovery was made she had a “funny feeling” while she was at her College Savannah home last Sunday worrying about her son’s whereabouts.
A devout churchgoer, the 49-year-old woman said she had put off her regular worship that day.
“My body began to feel a different change when I saw my husband and the others going down the beach and I began to cry,” she told the DAILY NATION yesterday.
Minutes later, Gittens heard the grim news that the remains of a body had been fished out of the sea.
She had seen her son alive last Thursday morning when she left home for work.
“I heard him later that same morning when he telephoned me,” she remembered, while reflecting on the jovial nature of her son, a former pupil of Princess Margaret Secondary School.
“Kevin was a sweet child with a great personality and very soft-spoken.
“I’ve been hearing so many versions about what happened and I don’t know what to believe,” she added.
Gittens had reported her son missing.
According to police, a man reportedly disappeared in the choppy waters off Consett Bay last Thursday, the same day  of the discovery of several packages of illegal drugs weighing more than 100 pounds in the area.
Further reports last night stated that the remainder of the body had washed in at Consett Bay.

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