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BWU netball tourney lauded

Sherrylyn A. Toppin

BWU netball tourney lauded

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Organisers of the Barbados Workers Union (BWU) Netball Competition have come in for high praise for their ability to put on a successful tournament for more than 30 years without having to rely on the Government.
In his remarks during the Awards Ceremony on Tuesday night at Solidarity House, Sir Roy Trotman, BWU general secretary, commended chief organiser Mary Vaughn and her team.
“It is commendable to find that an institution like our BWU competition has been able to do well and had been able to grow over 31 years without over-dependence on the Treasury of the Government or the Treasury of the taxpayers,” Sir Roy said.
“Usually organisations which are in any form of competition or social dynamic behavior turn to the Government for support. That is why you heard Ms Alleyne tell you, you can get my support providing you’re not asking for any money.
“That is the way she put it. Because this is what most organisations are doing, and I wish to compliment all of the organisers and planners.”
He was referring to comments made by Mona Alleyne, acting assistant director of sports. She urged the BWU tour squad to look farther afield than the Caribbean. The National Sports Council would provide assistance – not monetary – should it be required.
Sir Roy said they weren’t able to go to England or Singapore yet, but there were high hopes and big dreams.
He urged the players to continue to contribute to the development of Barbados.
“We believe that in your efforts in our netball competition you are helping significantly in building the community that you want Barbadosto become.
“Yes, there are many setbacks, many problems. We hear of so much crime and of so much difficulty in other places. But we are pleased to see that in our end of the community, we are holding the flag and holding the banner high.”
At a time when jobs were hard to get and harder to keep, Sir Roy added,  that through sport, players displayed the type of personality and character that were attractive to employers and they must gain from those experiences to make themselves better people.
There were also remarks by Ulric Sealy, principal of the BWU Labour College, and Octavia Gibson, president of the Barbados Netball Association (BNA).
Gibson gave an overview of the past season and announced that an online coaching certification course would start in January and a practical workshop would be conducted here in February.
Awards were given to the winners and runners-up of the league and knockout competitions. Officials, coaches and managers were also recognised. Nicole Layne of King’s Park was named MVP of the Junior Knockout, while national player Lisa Puckerin of Barbados Prison Service, copped the award in the Senior Knockout.
Special awards were given to BWU assistant general secretary Orlando “Gabby” Scott who recently celebrated his 65th birthday.
Sion Hill’s Lucy Francis was named best wing attack in the Linda Brooks Zone, despite a physical disability with her left hand.
Shakera Boxill, the BWU calypso monarch, also performed her winning rendition Fight Back about domestic violence, which was well-received by the largely female audience.