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Fed up about broken pump


Fed up about broken pump

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OISTINS FISHERFOLK are angry and frustrated that the diesel pump destroyed by Tropical Storm Tomas on October 30 has not yet been replaced.
Some of the fishermen and boat owners complained to the WEEKEND NATION yesterday that the absence of the pump has forced them to sail an extra ten miles to the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex “putting us in more expense and causing to lose more than we already losing”.
Fisherman and boat owner Anthony Durant, stressed that the pump, which was located on the jetty, needed to be replaced because they were being inconvenienced.
“Tomas lick down the diesel pump, but before Tomas lick it down, it needed changing because when the pump running you couldn’t see the dollars. The Minister [of Public Works] John Boyce went and said that he will fix the pump but up to this day we still suffering.”
Durant explained: “When we offload the fish here, we have to leave with our tired selves and sail all the way to Bridgetown. We have to drive our boats down to the complex in town, get fuel and then drive back up. We got a fisherfolk organisation here and they are doing nothing to help the situation.”
Meanwhile, fisherman Wendell Lovell said he felt as though he was trying to solve a puzzle whenever he took “time to figure out, why this diesel pump ain’t fix yet”.
“This pump has been mashed up for over six or eight weeks now. The fisherfolk organisation controlling the pump and they make a profit of over $400 000 a year from selling diesel. Now, you mean to tell me that they cannot spend $2 000 to repair the hut so that we can get diesel? Right now, we want to know where the funds going; that is what we want to know, and we also want to know where the grants they are given by the Government going too!”
Meantime, Durant said he wanted the male bathroom in the fish market, which has been closed for almost two years, forcing fishermen to bathe “naked on the jetty”,  to be reopened.
Sharing Durant’s view about the closed bathroom was another fisherman who gave his name as Gordon.
He said: “This is nonsense that this bathroom has been closed for two years. It is disturbing that when the tourists come to go and see the turtles, they see all the men out there bathing.”

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