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Ganja tree lit up for Christmas

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BERLIN – German police say an “old hippy” is facing possible prosecution for his version of the, ahem, highest Christmas tree – a festively decorated two-metre- (two-yard-) tall marijuana plant.
Koblenz police spokesman Ralf Schomisch said officers raided the apartment of the 58-year-old man following a tip on Monday and uncovered a cache of 5.3 ounces (150 grammes) of marijuana.
Then in the living room they discovered the tree — a pot plant adorned with Christmas lights.
The suspect, whose name was not released, said he had planned to decorate it further and put presents under it at Christmas.
But it was not to be. Schomisch said on Thursday that authorities “had to destroy this pre-Christmas dream” and seize the plant as evidence. (AP)