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DEAR CHRISTINE – Healed of herpes by God’s grace

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Healed of herpes by God’s grace

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Dear Christine,
I write this letter in response to the people who have been infected by the Herpes Simplex two virus (HSV Type-2).
I too was infected by the virus. It was transmitted to me by my former husband who I found out was very promiscuous.
I found out I had HSV Type-2  when I became involved with someone else. Then I remembered the signs of this disease which my former husband had.
He refused to attend the doctor and he swore there was no one else whom he was involved with.?So I  rejected the idea that he had a sexually transmitted infection.
The relationship which came after my marriage did not work out; but during that time my partner was exposed to the disease.
I am now sorry that another person was innocently exposed to it, but I didnot know I was infected before I met him.
I ended that relationship and decided to give my life to Jesus. I prayed about the disease and God healed me. I am no longer carrying it.
One day I felt a supernatural power touch my body. God spoke to me and showed me that he was healing me. I had a test after this and it was negative.
God is able to do anything that we want him to do. He is a healing God. I thank him for healing me. There is a hope for persons with herpes.
Give the situation to Jesus, He can heal you.
– D
Dear D,
How you unwittingly passed on your HSV Type-2 infection demonstrates why people should use protection when they have intercourse with someone new.
And why, if you do decide to have unprotected sex because you want to have a long-term relationship with that person, you should both get tested first for a range of sexually transmitted diseases.
Most people consider getting such tests as too much of a hassle and too expensive, but at least you would know each other’s sex health status. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?
One of the messages from the AIDS education campaign is that you can’t tell by looking if a person is well or not.  That  goes for that a range of infections.  This is why people should always protect themselves if they are unsure of their partner’s status.
D, please don’t think that I am beating up on you.  It’s just that too many men and women are not taking the message of protecting themselves seriously and are ending up with nasty infections that they could avoid.
The second issue you raised was about being healed by the power of God, and the tests after that coming back negative.
If that is indeed the case, it is really a miracle as herpes is an incurable disease as far as science goes. I hope for your sake, and any partner that you may have in the future, that the tests you took to verify you no longer carry this virus were reputable.
Thank you for your letter and I hope those who read it realise the importance of protecting themselves in any sexual encounter.