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UWI appeal

Haydn Gill

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SAGICOR UWI are not ready to accept the umpire’s verdict just yet – they want a referral.
Unhappy over a decision by the Barbados Cricket Association’s (BCA) complaints and disputes committee to dismiss their protest from the Sagicor General Cup semi-final, UWI have announced their intention to appeal the judgment.
Hours after receiving written communication from the BCA explaining why the complaint was rejected, UWI, through their attorneys, advised the governing body of their plans to take the matter further.
“Our lawyers have written correspondence and have informed the BCA verbally that we will appeal the decision.
“It is now for the formalities and the paperwork to go through,” UWI manager Stephen Leslie told WEEKENDSPORT yesterday afternoon when asked what their next step would be.
UWI, who are almost certain to be crowned LIME Division 1 champions on Sunday, lost to St Catherine by six wickets in the Sagicor General Cup semi-final at Bayfield last Sunday.
Even before the match started, they voiced their concerns over the ball used by St Catherine and indicated they would be playing the match under protest.
A formal protest was lodged and the BCA complaints and disputes committee heard the matter on Tuesday night before ruling that St Catherine did not breach the relevant rule pertaining to the use of the ball.
In light of the protest, the BCA opted to postpone yesterday’s final between St Catherine and Barbados Youth and the appeal by UWI is likely to delay the championship match until after Christmas Day.
When asked if they took into consideration that the appeal could drag out the matter, Leslie responded by saying UWI were merely following channels available to them.
“There is a process. There was the original hearing that was held on Tuesday. Based on a decision coming from that, both parties have a period of time beyond that original decision to make an appeal known,” he said.
“UWI received the decision in the last hour showing the reasons given by the complaints committee.
“That document is now with our lawyers and they have indicated we will be appealing the decision.
We are acting within the guidelines that are given to any party involved in any protest hearing.”
BCA cricket operations manager Rollins Howard later confirmed to WEEKENDSPORT that they had been informed by UWI’s attorneys of the intended move to appeal the decision by the complaints and disputes committee.
UWI are represented by Queen’s Counsel Roger Forde and Adrian Cummins in association with Brian Barrow.
Under the BCA’s rules, clubs have three days to give notice to appeal a judgment and a further four days to state grounds.
The Sagicor General Cup final was originally set for last Sunday to bring an end to the 2010 season. But the season schedule was put back by two weeks after the death of late Prime Minister David Thompson on October 23 after which the nation went into a period of official mourning.

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