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FLYING FISH & COU COU – Rural mayhem coming

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PEOPLE IN A RURAL RIDING could be thrown into a state of confusion when they go to make their mark in perhaps two years’ time.
That’s because it now seems certain they will be faced with two people from the same camp bearing the same surname seeking to get their favour.
While one individual will be marshallng his troops in the name of the collective, the other charismatic person will be coming with an independent purpose. Some say this split could play right into the hands of the man who will be representing the ruling collective.
But why is this happening?
Some are saying it is retribution, while a few are contending that the person whom the manoeuvre will hurt the most just simply deserves it for his quisling act.
Whatever happens, expect confusion on an unprecedented scale as there is no more combative opponent than the independent insider.
Pressure point
A CERTAIN well loved and respected woman looks likely to buckle to the overwhelming pressure and throw her hat into the ring.
If she does, people are saying that her acceptance is virtually written in stone.
What has given supporters hope that the positive answer they want is forthcoming, is the frequent public appearances they have been seeing over the past weeks. Some have interpreted it as preparing for more “official duties”.
As a certain obligation quickly approaches, the decision should be made known within a few days.
AN investigation looks likely to be launched into a certain occurrence that could lead to criminal prosecution.
It seems that some software has disappeared from an important office and some people’s hard drive is not as hard as they initially thought.
This all occurred with the recent changing of a particular guard and the person who might be responsible has already been identified.
It is believed that he did what he did without knowing that he was committing an offence, but as is said, ignorance of the law is no excuse.
What was tampered with is apparently the property of the Crown and not that of any individual, and therein rests the individual’s error. If this situation is pursued it could prove to be quite embarrassing.
Collections lagging
AN IRATE SENIOR staffer at a certain institution recently told Cou Cou that if more attention was paid to collecting monies owed to the state, the public coffers could be enhanced by millions of dollars.
He identified six commercial entities in the north, five in the south, and three in central locations, that owed Government in excess of $40 million for unpaid dues at two state agencies.
What was damning, he said, was that some of this money was owed as far back as 2001.
He said it was shameful since when the poor incurred any outstanding debt, they were quickly sought out and “brought to book”.
Big brother bug
A CERTAIN legal luminary is seeking to find out how privileged information from conversations made from her domestic telephone line got into the public domain.
But she is not alone.
Cou Cou understands that another individual sitting on a board was recently confronted by the repetition of something he too said from his domestic line. And he carries out a very important public function.
What is bugging both individuals is that they have an idea as to who could be responsible but have so far been unable to do anything about it.

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