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PUDDING & SOUSE – Who guarding the guard?

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PUDDING & SOUSE – Who guarding the guard?

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Colleagues of a security guard are disgusted with her behaviour.
They want to know how she can represent herself as a security guard, yet live such a dishonest life.
Apparently this is seven months that debtors have been turning up at the workplace trying to collect money she owes, but she has refused to give them even a cent. And then she gets an attitude with it, like she has the right not to pay!
Furthermore she even cusses the poor landlord for trying to collect the rent she owes.
Colleagues want to know if she doesn’t have any shame since she was thrown out of the last place she lived for the same non-payment of rent.
They are saying that since she walks around behaving so pious she should get one of her church leaders to bail her out so that the bailiffs won’t have to embarrass her on the job.
Making mock sport
It seems as if the brown-skinned woman with the mock botsy, mock hair, mock nails, mock eyelashes, who operates in Bridgetown, is sorry now  that she divorced her husband.
Not too long ago she was parading with this young, handsome man but ditched him after she realised that she was spending too much money on him. But she was so blindly in love with this dude that she did not even realise that the young stud had no time for her anymore and was just using her as a sugar mummy.
Her friends are laughing at her since she is trying eveything, including botox, to look young. They have been talking her name behind her back and calling her hypa-mum because she is even dressing in brand-name clothes and boots, and hanging out among the teenagers.
People are even saying that while she is stuck in time, her former husband has moved on with another woman while she caught at the shadow and lost the bone. Their advice to her is get rid of all the mock things and get a real life.
Forgot her calling
There is a nurse walking around who seems not to understand that her business is about saving lives.
People who know her were very shocked when they observed that she was present at a function when a patron fell to the floor ill, but she did not respond, even to check his pulse.
Instead she held onto the man she was with and continued to focus on the show while untrained people ran to the man’s assistance. Even when someone asked if a doctor was in the house, she did not even bat an eye.
Those who know her are asking if because she is married to a certain influential man, she has suddenly forgotten her nurse’s oath. They want to tell her that if she now thinks that she is too good for the job then get out, stay home and be the socialite that she wants to be – at least for the next two years.
Naughty gifts
Workers at a certain business place are still laughing at what some of their colleagues and bosses received during a gift exchange. Apparently one boss got a whip, another got a piggy bank, and one got a mask.
Then a female colleague was given a box full of sexy panties while a certain man was given boxes of condoms.
But it seems that there will be no more gift exchanges around Christmas since the boss who got the whip has sent out a memo lambasting employees for the crude Christmas gestures.
But the employees are laughing and saying that if Santa gives gifts according to who has been naughty and nice, then some people need to make some serious New?Year resolutions.