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Deloitte puts students to the test

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Deloitte puts students to the test

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Deloitte Barbados recently provided an avenue for creativity and an environment for experimentation to students based at the Barbados Community College’s PomMarine Hotel and training facility, by issuing a challenge to create a signature cocktail drink for the company.
“Going with a theme of offering ‘Refreshing Advice’ and a general corporate quest to create signature branding for Deloitte Barbados, I challenged the students based at PomMarine Hotel, the  tourism and hospitality hands-on-learning arm of the Barbados Community College (BCC), to learn about Deloitte and thereafter create a signature cocktail drink for us,”  explained  Renatta Mohammed, Deloitte’s Marketing and Business Development Manager.
“In so doing, in a simple, tangible way, we supported the future of our tourism sector by providing an avenue  for creativity and  an environment for experimentation. We collaborated with the leadership at PomMarine to offer the winner a $1 000  one-time scholarship and the purchase of some basic bartending ‘tools’ as needed by the school,” she  added. A $500 scholarship was offered to the runner-up.
Stansfeld Scott & Co. Ltd. supported the school’s effort through the kind provision of drinks as requested by the students, based on recipe submissions and in addition to  select Deloitte professionals and representatives  from PomMarine, chief judge was Jamaal Bowen, resident Mixologist at Sandy Lane. Bowen was a past student of BCC and has since won several awards in his field.
The first round of the challenge took place on Sunday November 28, 2010 at the Balmoral Gap facility and Stephen Small, Charleen Hyland and Ashley Thorpe emerged as finalists. The trio competed again on Friday December 03, 2010 and Charleen Hyland produced the winning cocktail while Stephen Small was adjudged the   runner up.
Charleen’s winning cocktail consisted of a mix of vodka, champagne, wine and Blue Curacao in crushed ice. The  cocktail’s blue and green hues perfectly captured the Deloitte branded colours and the drink itself was “refreshing” in keeping with the “refreshing advice” as offered by Deloitte in the areas of tax, audit, consulting and financial advisory.
The drink will be introduced to Deloitte professionals during their end-of year- event later this month.