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Need help for my children

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Need help for my children

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Dear Christine,
I am desperately in need of your help in getting a house. My children and I are living in a hell hole. We are staying at a relative and even though I have to pay her rent and help pay utility bills, she still finds all kinds of things to make a noise about.
The worst part is that she dislikes one of my children and picks on that child and beats her at the slightest thing. That child is asthmatic.
People ask why I stand for these things, but right now I am helpless. If I say or do anything, she would put my things by the roadside and I have nowhere to go.
I tried so many places and cannot find a house. This situation is causing my children to drop back in their school work. I need a house no matter where it is.
I have four children all of school age. I know that many home owners don’t like renting to people with children for fear their house would get damage, but my children are trained to respect things that are not theirs.
Somebody please help, please. I can afford $150 a week in rent.
– YH
Dear YH,
It must be sheer mental torture to be living someplace with someone who abuses you, but you can’t do anything about it as you have nowhere else to go or anyone else to turn to. I therefore can understand why this situation is affecting your kids so much.
It is a pity that some people use their power over others in an abusive manner, rather than using their position to show compassion and seek to assist in any other way that they can.
Of course there are always two sides to a story and your relative may present a case why they have taken such a position, but even so, as a host you should never mistreat your guests. I therefore see his or her action as a power  play to intimidate and exert control.
You never said if you ever approached the Welfare Department or the National Housing Corporation for assistance, but these agencies were established to ensure citizens like yourself can be assisted. You should also try to enlist your parliamentary representative to lend his or her voice to expedite matters on your behalf at these agencies.
I hope this helps.
– Christine