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Tired of chasing child support

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Tired of chasing child support

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Dear Christine,
I am writing this letter because I?want my [ex-boyfriend’s employer] to know I am single and the father of  two of my children works for him. He gives me money when he feels like. Sometimes I have to wait six and eight weeks for money and then it’s only about $20, $40 or $50.
What makes it even more difficult for me is how I have to get the money.
I have to catch the bus and go all over Barbados depending on where he is working.
I am tired of this. Something needs to be done right now. My daughter needs a bed, clothes, and shoes. She has a learning disability. He doesn’t even take the little girl to spend time with him. His other children get things all the time; they go to his house and spend time.
– A
Dear A,
You are expending a lot of energy needlessly. All you have to do is to go to the law courts and apply for child maintenance. He would be requested to come to the court, a figure would be set and it can be determined then, given the run around he has put you through, that it would be better to have that money deducted directly from his salary. This is the best way to do this.
His employer’s name should not be dragged into this as they have nothing to do with his irresponsibility at not meeting his personal obligations. That is why I deleted it.
It is indeed unfortunate that one of the children has a learning disability. Such children need more attention and definitely the love of both parents, if possible, to help them overcome their disadvantage.
This man needs to play his part.
– Christine